Major Investment in Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Research by the EU


Aviation accounts for approximately two to three per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

An EU project is now underway to investigate the possibilities of hybrid-electric aircraft. Researchers at Chalmers are part of the project and will develop innovative heat management concepts and support aircraft design.

Few people today doubt that the Earth's atmosphere is affected by carbon dioxide emissions from human activity. The largest sources of emissions come from agriculture, industry and transport. Transport accounts for 25 per cent of global emissions and aviation account for about 3 per cent.

“A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is a major key for aviation to continue to contribute to the development of society and the mobility of people. It requires innovative thinking and ambitious research that goes far beyond small improvements. The goal of this project is to find out if hybrid-electric flying can be a solution to the problem”, says Carlos Xisto, associate professor in the Division of Fluid Dynamics at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences.

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Image via Chalmers University of Technology