Drilling Tool Contributes to a Significant Reduction in CO2 Emissions


Software developed at NORCE significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions per barrel, and so far a total of 208,000 tonnes of CO2.

The DrillScene™ software, commercialized by Sekal, has shown very good results in real-time drilling monitoring. The technology alerts if something changes in the well, for example, problems with cuttings transport which in turn can cause the drill string to get stuck. The drilling crew is then given more time to make corrections and solve the problem.

This software contributes to safer and more efficient drilling. The statistics for the wells where DrillScene has been used show that the number of technical sidetracks is significantly reduced, Helga Gjeraldstveit says, research manager at NORCE.

Her research team has worked for several years to automate the drilling process. Now they are developing technology which takes this a step further, towards autonomous drilling operations.

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Image via NORCE