Robo-Turtles In Fish Farms Reduce Fish Stress


A sea cage can hold up to 200 000 farmed salmon.

A sea cage can hold up to 200 000 farmed salmon. If the cage is damaged, such as by a hole in the nets, the fish could swim out through the opening and escape in short order.

Clearly, the aquaculture industry wants to avoid this scenario. Not only do escapes lead to large losses for the industry, but we also don’t want farm-raised salmon to mix and interbreed with wild populations.

Keeping an eye on what is going on inside the cages is critical for being able to respond and repair any damage promptly.

Important to monitor the fish

Monitoring life in the cages is important for other reasons as well, such as ensuring good fish welfare: What is the health condition of the fish? How serious is the salmon lice problem? Do the cages need to be cleaned?

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Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay