Navigating a River of Knowledge


CIRES researchers publish state-of-the-science report for Colorado River water resource managers, planners.

In recent decades, increasing water demand, dry conditions and warming temperatures have impacted the Colorado River, creating greater uncertainty about the future of the basin’s water supply. With support and guidance from more than a dozen federal, state and local water agencies, researchers from CIRES and the University of Colorado Boulder’s Western Water Assessment teamed up with leading experts to integrate nearly 800 peer-reviewed studies, agency reports and other sources to assess the state of the science and technical practice relevant to water resources in the Colorado River Basin.

"This is by far the most comprehensive scientific report ever produced about the Southwest’s iconic river,” said Brad Udall, Senior Water and Climate Research Scientist, Colorado State University. “Scientists summarize what they think about the past, present and future of the river and also provide challenges and opportunities for improving science to assist decision making in the 21st century."

Colorado River Basin Climate and Hydrology: State of the Science aims to create a shared understanding of the physical setting and the latest data, tools and research underpinning the management of Colorado River water resources. Researchers at CIRES’ Western Water Assessment drew from hundreds of publications to create an all-inclusive resource to guide future research and management of the basin.

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Image via Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences