A New Look into Sources and Impacts of Greenhouse Gases in China


China's implementation of a national carbon trading market to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires reliable and timely information on GHG sources and impacts.

Recent GHG monitoring and modeling studies provide new GHG emission estimates to help policymakers guide progress toward emission reductions.

"Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Application in China," a joint special issue of three journals - Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS), Atmospheric and Ocean Science Letters, and Advances in Climate Change Research - details the latest observations and findings presented by researchers at the First China Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Conference held in Beijing between May 30 to 31 in 2019.

Reportings on carbon dioxide distribution in Xi'an City, ozone flux over a maize field, hydrofluorocarbon emissions in the Yangtze River delta and stratosphere-troposphere exchanges of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide above China, as well as other studies presented in this comprehensive AAS issue reflect China's improved atmospheric GHG measurement techniques.

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Image via Chinese Academy of Sciences