Research Reveals Bristol Won’t Reach 2030 Carbon Neutral Target Without Major Transport Transformation


Bristol must make significant changes to its transport sector in order to meet its 2030 carbon neutral target, according to a new report led by a team of postgraduate students at the University of Bristol.

The report, Bristol Net Zero by 2030 - a modal share for sustainable transport report (PDF, 6,196kB), found that the number of car journeys need to be cut by 31 per cent and at least 55 per cent of journeys need to be made on foot or bike to hit the ambitious target in the next 10 years.

In 2019, Bristol City Council became the first local authority in the UK to declare a climate emergency. The Sustainable Transport Network (“STN”) recommended significant changes to Bristol’s modal share, which is the percentage of travellers using a particular type of transportation within a city, like walking and cycling (“active travel”), travelling by car and using public transport.

The report examined the previous modal share recommendations made by STN in 2019, to see whether they would help deliver the 88 per cent reduction in transport emissions needed to meet Bristol’s 2030 target of being carbon neutral.

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Image via University of Bristol