Clear Skies for Saudi Arabia's "New Future" Project


A high-resolution atmospheric assessment for the northern Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia shows the region has some of the best air quality in the Kingdom.

On a picturesque stretch of the Red Sea coast, Saudi Arabia is planning a new, fully automated megacity called NEOM. The new city is a futuristic global hub for education, healthcare, culture, business and technology based on renewable energy and green infrastructure. KAUST researchers have now completed the first comprehensive, high-resolution assessment of air quality for the region, and the results are promising.

Short for Neo-Mustaqbal, meaning "new future," NEOM is a 500 billion USD initiative, dubbed "the world’s most ambitious project." It is located in northwestern Saudi Arabia near the borders with Jordan and Egypt. Understanding the air quality and meteorological conditions over the NEOM development area is crucial for effectively monitoring and controlling air pollution for the megaproject.

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Image via King Abdullah University of Science and Technology