Local Emissions Amplify Regional Haze and Particle Growth


New particle formation (NPF) is a major source of aerosol particles in global atmosphere.

In polluted megacities, such as Beijing, the role of NPF events and their contribution to haze formation through subsequent growth remain unclear.

To improve the understanding of the sources, meteorological conditions, and chemistry behind air pollution, the research teams led by Prof. SUN Yele with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Markku Kulmala with the University of Helsinki performed simultaneous measurements of aerosol composition and particle number size distributions at ground level and at 260 m in central Beijing, China, during a total of four months in 2015-2017.

Their study was recently published in npj Climate and Atmospheric Science on Jan. 18.

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Image via Chinese Academy of Sciences