Declining Rainfall Threatens Unique Stream Species in WA


Researchers from the Harry Butler Institute have warned of a loss of stream fauna in Southwestern Australia as permanent streams dry out each year.

Lead researcher and PhD Candidate at the Harry Butler Institute, Nicole Carey, said recent climate change is altering the timing, duration and volume of river and stream flows globally, and in Southwestern Australia.

“Permanent flowing rivers and streams are drying and changing to intermittent flows, meaning they are now dry for several months each year,” she said.

“This is anticipated to have profound impacts on the survival of our stream fauna, including many of our ancient and unique species which are now threatened with extinction due to climate change.

“Southwestern Australia is a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot, and many of our stream fauna including dragonflies, caddisflies and mayflies are found nowhere else on earth.”

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Image via Murdoch University