Bristol Set to Supercharge Growth of Next Generation Zero Carbon Emission Technology


The technology not only means power distribution networks will waste much less energy, but they could also look very different.

Power transformers currently the size of shipping containers delivering energy to homes and businesses across the UK could be shrunk to the size of a suitcase, thanks to a pioneering process which deploys a new supercharged material with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

The industry-changing technique is being developed at the University of Bristol at a time when the need to reduce energy consumption has never been greater, as the drive to cut carbon emissions intensifies and fuel costs soar.

A team of leading scientists have just installed the UK’s first-ever machine to make layers of Gallium Oxide, the wonder semiconductor which forms the crucial component of future revolutionary power devices with the potential to cut overall energy usage by around 20% in both domestic and industrial settings.

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Image via University of Bristol