Reintroducing Ocelots To Native Texas Range


A Texas A&M AgriLife-led study will look at increasing populations of the endangered cat.

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers are investigating the potential for reintroducing wild ocelot populations to areas of the state where the native cat once roamed.

A team of collaborators will study the viability of potential actions designed to reestablish a population of ocelots in South Texas to help increase their numbers in the U.S.

The collaboration includes Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute, a unit of Texas A&M AgriLife, in partnership with East Foundation, the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Lindner Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo, the University of Tennessee Comparative and Experimental Medicine Program and Center for Wildlife Health, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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Image via Texas A&M University