Marine debris: A problem you can get your arms around


World, we have a problem.


World, we have a problem.

Huge amounts of consumer plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, abandoned fishing gear, vessels, and other lost or discarded items enter the marine environment every day, making marine debris one of the most widespread pollution problems facing the world's ocean and waterways today.

Marine debris is a global issue, but it’s one we can solve together.

Every year, volunteers across the United States and around the world work to cleanup their coastlines. Can you lend a hand? Find an ICC location near you where you can volunteeroffsite link, and follow the social media hashtag #SuitUpToCleanup to join the conversation. NOAA is has been a proud sponsor of the event, organized by The Ocean Conservancy, for more than 10 years.


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Image via NOAA.