Freshwater Reserves Under the Sea


Research at Flinders University is investigating and locating vital freshwater hidden beneath the sea.

Flinders University Professor of Hydrogeology Adrian Werner is making important advances in assessing freshwater reservoirs that exist beneath the ocean, potentially providing innovative answers to escalating global water supply issues. He is among several speakers at the Australasian Groundwater Conference being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 24-27 November.

“Since the late 1960s, groundwater scientists have been intrigued by evidence of freshwater beneath the sea, and in the following decades, understanding subsea fresh groundwater has advanced and is now understood to be a global phenomenon,” he says.

“I’ve been studying the extent of freshwater under the sea, through my Australian Research Council Future Fellowship, and have made significant inroads into our current knowledge of offshore freshwater.”

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Image via Getty Images