How To Prepare Your Plants For Cold Weather


Whether winter is around the corner, or an arctic blast is blowing in, a Texas A&M AgriLife horticulture specialist has tips and tricks for taking care of your plants during cold weather.

Before cold weather freezes your plants, learn how to prepare your plants for winter and temperatures that drop below freezing. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service program specialist for horticulture, Lisa Whittlesey, explains how you can prep your plants for the coming freezing temperatures.

When in doubt, move your potted plants. If you can’t move your plants, cover them.

“First of all, make sure that your plants are well watered,” she said. “This can be great protection from light frost damage.”

Drought-stressed plants are more susceptible to cold damage, so watering plants a few days in advance of a cold snap is beneficial. Watering just before the freeze can help too by creating warmth, and the water loses its heat slowly over the hours into the colder temperatures. Used with covers, this watering technique can help make a difference.

“Secondly, remember some plants are more sensitive to cold temperatures than others.” For example, tropical plants will be much more sensitive to cool temperatures and often can be damaged even if the temperature does not hit freezing.

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Image via Texas A&M University