Turning Wastewater into a Resource


A new European initiative aims to create a “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis”

A team of European researchers and engineers initiated the ULTIMATE project to turn wastewater into a resource. This initiative is co-financed by the European Commission and started in June 2020. The aim is to create economic value and increase sustainability by valorising resources within the water cycle.

Wastewater is not only a reusable resource but also a carrier for energy and components that can be extracted, treated, stored and reused. In the ambitious concept called “Water Smart Industrial Symbiosis” the consortium promotes recycling in various industrial settings. As a pilot, the consortium has selected nine business cases from the international agro-food, petrochemical and biotech sectors.

The Aretusa Consortium in Italy, treating residue waters from two communities in Tuscany, has an ambitious vision to increase its annual water process capacity from 3 to 4 million cubic meters. The famous Glenmorangie whiskey distillery in Scotland is another partner that takes part in the pilot. The aim is to extract up to 800mg/L ammonia for usage as fertiliser and to recover heat for use in the distillery processes.

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Image via CORDIS