Recent U.S. Fishing Years Marked by Economic Gains, Milestones in Sustainability


NOAA Fisheries releases two new updates on U.S. fisheries and industry.

Two announcements today from NOAA Fisheries offer a ‘snapshot in time’ of the population status of U.S. federal fisheries in 2019, and the economic performance of commercial fishing, recreational fishing, and related businesses in 2017. Scientists find that the vast majority of U.S. fish stocks continue to be strong, successful and achieving long-term sustainability goals. Data from these reports help governments, communities, fishery managers, and many others assess the state of the U.S. fisheries management system and plan ahead for future years.

"It's important we acknowledge the achievements in sustainable fisheries made in recent years by fishermen, industries, scientists, managers, and conservationists across our Nation. These updates are a testament to their outstanding work," said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. “To that end, President Trump has announced the availability of $300 million to support U.S. fishing communities that have been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19. The Department of Commerce stands with U.S. fishermen and coastal industries as we work to increase America’s competitiveness in the seafood industry and protect our seafood supply chain."

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Image via NOAA Fisheries