Researchers To Examine Risk Of Flood-Induced Chemical Spills At Coastal Facilities


The Texas A&M College of Engineering's James Kaihatu joins a team that will study the vulnerability of petrochemical facilities in Galveston Bay and risks to nearby communities.

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season was one for the record books. There were 30 named storms, and 12 hit the United States coastline.

James Kaihatu, professor and associate department head of research in the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University, joins a team of researchers to examine and address the vulnerability of petrochemical facilities along Galveston Bay to flood-induced chemical spills and releases.

In a robust partnership with the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the College of Engineering, the School of Public Health and the College of Architecture at Texas A&M and the Galveston Bay Foundation, researchers with the Environmental Defense Fund will conduct modeling and analysis to identify which facilities are most at risk and what solutions, such as natural infrastructure, might reduce those risks and lessen impacts to nearby communities and ecosystems.

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Image via Texas A&M University