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  • Back To The Future: Eco-Friendly, Local Farms

    Contaminated food imports, billions in misguided subsidies for industrial agriculture, a massive biofuels boondoggle, a destabilized climate spawning drought and pest infestations, the end of cheap oil and cheap food, degraded soils and contaminated waterways, a spiraling epidemic of diet-related obesity, heart disease, and cancer. >> Read the Full Article
  • UK Ministers Rush To Protect Priority Species And Habitats

    UNITED KINGDOM - Britians Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is pushing to protect species and habitats. The British government intends to halt any further biodiversity loss by 2010. The environment ministers approved a priorities list that will guide future conservation action. >> Read the Full Article
  • Icky Algae Alarms New England Fishermen

    Already a scourge in New Zealand and parts of the American South and West, the aquatic algae called "rock snot" is creeping into New England, where it is turning up in pristine rivers and alarming fishermen and wildlife biologists. >> Read the Full Article
  • New Crop of Farmers Takes to the Fields

    Tom Murtha studied English at Penn. Tricia Borneman majored in journalism at Shippensburg University. Like most college graduates, they finished school with a good idea of where they wanted their career paths to lead. But unlike most, it was a dirt path. So on a recent summer day, instead of working in an air-conditioned office building 40 miles away in Philadelphia, the pair were tending to kale, collard greens and broccoli in Bucks County. >> Read the Full Article
  • Study: Combating Child Obesity With Gardening

    MANHATTAN, Kansas - Researcher Candice Shoemaker thinks she might have an answer to the nation's obesity epidemic in children: gardening. She hopes to show that gardening can promote a healthier lifestyle and combat childhood obesity in several ways. First, Shoemaker said, when children help to grow their own fruits and vegetables, they are more interested in eating them. Also, gardening not only gets children off of the couch and outdoors, but it also counts as physical activity. >> Read the Full Article
  • New Book Details GMO Dangers, Failures

    LOS ANGELES, CA. - Author Jeffrey Smith says new science proves genetic engineering is unsafe. Smith, an internationally respected expert on GMO's, hopes to force food manufacturers to remove genetically engineered ingredients from products. Smith's new book, Genetic Roulette, targets consumers with the message: Healthy Eating Means No-GMOs. >> Read the Full Article
  • New York Times Exposes USDA Sabotage of Organics

    On August 19, the New York Times exposed the USDA for shortchanging organic programs. Journalist Andrew Martin pointed out that the National Organic Program, which regulates the entire organic industry, has just nine staff members and a puny annual budget of $1.5 million. >> Read the Full Article
  • Almonds Processed With Toxic Chemicals & High Heat Are Not "Raw"

    In response to two outbreaks of Salmonella in 2001 and 2004 traced to raw almonds grown in California, the Almond Board of California and the USDA have quietly developed a new regulation mandating that all almonds undergo a sterilization process that includes chemical and/or high-temperature treatments. >> Read the Full Article
  • ALERT: USDA Says 'Raw' Foods Can Be Pasteurized With Suspected Carcinogen

    WASHINGTON - Under pressure from industrial agriculture lobbyists, the USDA has quietly approved a new regulation that will effectively end distribution of raw almonds, while putting many family farmers out of business. The regulation is scheduled to go into effect in just a few short days on September 1st, unless thousands of consumers take action now. >> Read the Full Article
  • Chinese Scientist To Lead Global Agriculture Agency

    The appointment of a leading Chinese scientist at the world's major agricultural research body is expected to better apply Chinese resources and expertise to the global fight against poverty. Wang Ren was this week (22 August) announced as the first Chinese scientist to be appointed director of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a major agricultural research consortium launched by the World Bank to help the poor countries. >> Read the Full Article