A New Way to Research Water


To fully understand water and its effects on people, scientists suggest water needs new research framework.

A researcher at Penn State is developing a way to consistently research water and its effects on human biology and health.

“While water has been studied in many different ways across fields, and different aspects of water or risks of dehydration have been studied by different researchers in human biology, there has been no unifying body of work to date bringing all the different facets together in one place,” said Asher Rosinger, the Ann Atherton Hertzler Early Career Professor in Global Health and director of the Water, Health and Nutrition Lab at Penn State.

Rosinger and his colleague Alexandra Brewis, President’s Professor at Arizona State University, have proposed a framework for studying the “human biology of water” in a special issue of the American Journal of Human Biology, released today (Jan. 15).

“Studying the connection between water and human biology is more important now than ever with changing climates and projections of increased water and food insecurity facing a growing global population,” Rosinger said. “We put this special issue together to focus on this increasingly timely issue as well as provide a tool kit so that comparing data across studies becomes more feasible, providing future research questions for others to build on.”

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Image via Pennsylvania State University