Texas A&M Expert Says Upcoming Weather Will Be A Record-Setter


An extremely dangerous winter storm is poised to strike Texas, and people should take precautions now.

Much of Texas will be facing a winter storm in the next few days that will be one for the record books, according to a Texas A&M University weather expert.

John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas State Climatologist and Regents Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, said most Texans will see the coldest weather to hit the state in decades, with parts of Texas recording a foot or more of snow while dozens of record low temperatures will be set.

“Six-inch snow totals may be common across northern, central and eastern parts of the state by Monday morning,” he said. “The snow will be followed by bitterly strong winds and record-setting cold temperatures. It will not be just another cold day.

“Just about every weather station will see its daily minimum temperature record broken on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, or both.” At some places, the records will not just be broken, but annihilated, he said.

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Image via Texas A&M University