• Rich and poor gird for climate change

    BRASILIA (Reuters) - People around the world are preparing for floods, droughts and other natural disasters in ways largely dictated by wealth and poverty as evidence of climate change mounts, a U.N. report said on Tuesday.

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  • World must fix climate in less than 10 years: U.N.

    BRASILIA (Reuters) - Unless the international community agrees to cut carbon emissions by half over the next generation, climate change is likely to cause large-scale human and economic setbacks and irreversible ecological catastrophes, a U.N. report said on Tuesday.

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  • Brazil urges rich nations to curb climate change

    Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged rich countries on Tuesday to pay to help curb climate change by protecting tropical forests and reiterated criticism of the United States for its import duties on biofuels.

    Lula's message came ahead of next week's United Nations climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia, which the world body hopes will lead to negotiations on a new global pact to reduce carbon emissions blamed for global warming.

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  • Climate Change & Business: The Carbon Disclosure Project

    “greenwash” – painting an organization “green” through advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns – has risen along with the public, government, investor and media attention focused on climate change. That makes developing the means to monitor and assess corporate social and environmental responsibility an even greater necessity if investors, the public, national governments and international bodies are to make responsible and well-informed investment and capital allocation decisions. >> Read the Full Article
  • Sarkozy urges Chinese climate help

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) - President Nicolas Sarkozy wound up a state visit to China on Tuesday buoyed by record deals for French firms, but unable to shake more than a deadpan response out of Beijing on jitters over currencies and the environment.

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  • Typhoon kills 12 in Philippines

    MANILA (Reuters) - At least four more people have been killed in floods and landslides in the Philippines due to a typhoon, taking the death toll from the storm to 12, relief officials said on Tuesday.

    Typhoon Mitag swirled out to sea on Monday after ripping through the north of the archipelago.

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  • Australia unlikely to sign Kyoto by Bali: analysts

    CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's new government is unlikely to sign the Kyoto pact in time for a U.N. climate summit in Bali, but will be welcomed next week as part of the Kyoto family, environment and legal experts said on Tuesday.

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  • Rich nations should do more on climate change: China

    BEIJING (Reuters) - Rich countries responsible for most of the world's greenhouse gas emissions should take the lead on climate change, a commentary in China's state media said on Tuesday, a week before the opening of global talks on the issue.

    China is set to surpass the United States as the world's top emitter of carbon dioxide, the main gas that traps heat in the atmosphere, but has resisted pressure to agree to caps or specific targets on its emissions.

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  • NOAA Celebrates 50-Year Carbon Dioxide Record

    Fifty years ago the U.S. Weather Bureau, predecessor of NOAA’s National Weather Service, helped sponsor a young scientist from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography to begin tracking carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere at two of the planet’s most remote and pristine sites: the South Pole and the summit of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This week NOAA, Scripps, the World Meteorological Organization, and other organizations will celebrate the half-century anniversary of the global record of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere—often referred to as the “Keeling Curve” in honor of that young scientist, Charles David Keeling.


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  • APX to develop greenhouse gas registry

    Private California company APX Inc said on Monday it is creating a registry aimed at increasing transparency in the murky voluntary greenhouse gas emissions offsets industry.

    APX will create the registry for the Gold Standard Foundation, a Swiss-based nonprofit supported by environmental groups that sets standards for voluntary emissions offset credits.

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